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Call for Participation - English

Call for Participation - Deutsch

Blogtalk - A European Weblog Conference: Web-based publishing, communication and collaboration tools for professional and private use.

The conference will be held in Vienna, Austria, Europe, in May 2003. Deadline for submission of ideas and papers is the 28th February 2003.

The primary goal of BlogTalk is to inventory the current and emerging uses of blogs.

Active bloggers as well as people from all professional fields are invited to attend.

George Siemens summarizes attempts to define the new concept of blogging as follows:

"Blogging is a format constant (archives, links, time stamps, chronological listing of thoughts and links), personalized, community-linked, social, interactive, democratic, new model innovation built on the unique attributes of the Internet."


Paper submissions are being invited on all subjects relevant to the theme of the conference, including, but not limited to toorg/sites/blogtalk.net/files such as:

  • Definition and scope of blogs
  • Mobile Blogging
  • Case study of a blog in a professional or private environment
  • Collaboration and community building
  • Influence of blogs on software products and vice versa
  • Influence of blogs on mass media and vice versa
  • The blog as a special interest publication
  • Blog aided self-reflection or self-portrayal
  • Knowledge management
  • Business models


We invite everyone to submit a paper in HTML, RTF or OPML. Please include:

  • Author's last name and first name
  • Affiliations (country and name of institution or company)
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Title
  • Proposal (not more than 500 words)

Paper submissions will be reviewed by a jury. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Please send your submission to [email protected]. You will receive a confirmation of your submission within two working days.

Submission deadline is the 28th February 2003.

We expect to be able to cover reasonable travel and lodging expenses within the limits of our budget. Due to budget constraints, some people may be invited to attend at their own expense.

Timeline and Important Dates Proposal submission deadline:
28 February 2003

  • Proposal submission deadline: 28 February 2003
  • Notification of acceptance or rejection: 31 March 2003
  • Paper version due: 30 April 2003
  • Papers posted on website: May 2003
  • Conference: May 23-24, 2003


Danube-University Krems, Center for New Media
Thomas N. Burg, Head of Center; Weblog: | randgänge

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