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Goal of the conference

The mission of BlogTalk - the conference - is to survey the status quo of Weblogs or Blogs as tools for professional and private use. It is likewise an issue to think about blogging from different devices particularily from mobile devices such as cellphones or PDAs.

I addition we will talk about future applicatons and uses within a business or educational context. Talking about usage for private use will lead to considerations about Blog services and business models on the one side and on more phenomenological and social issues on the individual side.

Blogs are from a technological perspective micro-content-management systems that separate the content from the layout. In general they are based on databases, template and scripts. Blog-software is available for different operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac. We differentiate between server-based and desktop-based services.

Blogs are ideally deployed in the fields of public relations, marketing, product development, knowledge-management, project-management, reporting, research, and of course journalism. They are further ideal tools for personal private publishing.

Another goal of BlogTalk - the conference - is to bring together active bloggers from all over the world as well all those people from the business world and else who havn't heard the word Weblog or Blog before.

We think we are at a historical tipping point. There are lots of Weblogs already around but only the tip of the iceberg is visible.

The goal of the conference is to boost the awareness of Blogs as proper means for diverse modes for personal and collaborative publishing.

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