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Is it a scholarly conference?

YES, because we all are obsessed with blogs!
NO, because it's very likely that non-academics represent the majority of participants

What do we mean by proposal?

By that we mean a concise text/outline of your idea

What do we mean by paper?

The paper is the textual representation of that what you are going tell the rest of us in Vienna

What do we mean by presentation?

It should last approx. 15 minutes. We expect that you bring something like slides with you.

Do you have to wear a suit and a tie?

NO, but you are encouraged if you like to.

Is the focus of the conference more on practice or on theory?

That's up to you.

We want to attend to the conference but rather listen or talk with people while drinking a cup of coffee. Is that possible?

Oh yes it is, the majority of participants will just listen. We expect around 300 people

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