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Azeem Azhar had been blogging on-and-off since July 1999. He is currently UK managing director of 20six, a European hosting platform. Previously, he ran UK operations for a search enginge company, founded his own venture fund and helped launch BBC Online. Prior to this he was a journalist covering media and Internet at The Econonomist and The Guardian. He is interested in blogs for a number of reasons:
1. democratisation of media
2. peer-generation of value
3. the creation of a set of global dialogues.

His current blog lives at http://azeem.azhar.co.uk/


Once upon a time, Horst Prillinger (Vienna, Austria) worked for a large Austrian ISP, but the experience turned out to be so traumatic that he vowed never to work in the IT business again. He is now a part-time teacher for English literature and Information Architecture at the Vienna State College of Education and Vienna University, where he has also been working as a full-time librarian since 1999. His first weblog, The Evil Empire went online in July, 1999. Back then, he did not have the slightest idea what a weblog was. After succumbing to an urge to publicly express his opinions on the WWW, his personal weblog The Aardvark Speaks followed in August, 2002. Interests are mostly in English literature, transport/urban planning issues, web design, information architecture and general usability issues.


Silvia Huber

I´m chair of the International Journalism Centre at the Danube University Krems. I´m working in the field of journalist and public relations education. I have done my doctoral thesis on the influence of new communication technologies and services on media companies.

It´s a pleasure for me to present the programme on Saturday afternoon.


I'm Michael Schuster, from Vienna. I started blogging almost 1 1/2 years ago, currently I write at smi.twoday.net. Three months ago Knallgrau New Media Solutions and I started twoday.net as an austrian weblog service aiming at german speaking webloggers. We currently host over 500 weblogs and have nearly 2000 registered users. Apart from my work I'm especially interested in weblogging because of my focus of interest on knowledge management, elearning, content management and social aspects of information technology.