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I'm Dan Gillmor, technology and business columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley's daily newspaper. More relevant to this gathering, I also write a weblog for SiliconValley.com, a KnightRidder.com site that is an online affiliate of the Mercury News. My column runs in many other U.S. newspapers, and I do some radio and TV as well.

I started my blog in October 1999, originally at the suggestion of weblog pioneer Dave Winer. It's been a great tool for me in many respects, not least the relationship I've developed with my readers.

Lately, in addition to the column and blog, I've been working on a book about the future of journalism in this digital age. Blogging will be a major part of what I write, and I'm hoping to interview many of you at the conference for a European perspective on this. You can read the full outline of the book.

At BlogTalk I'll be discussing weblogs and journalism. It's clear to me that bloggers are helping to redefine the boundaries and practice of journalism, in ways we're only beginning to understand.

The object of our research is at: Blogómetro: http://blogometro.blogalia.com/

The paper is: "Do we live in a small world? Measuring the Spanish-speaking Blogosphere"

I'm Fernando Tricas and I'm teaching at the University of Zaragoza. My main research work has been oriented to deadlock prevention and avoindance on Flexible Manufacturing Systems usinf formal methods. I became involved in blogging affairs at Barrapunto, and later in Blogalia. My main interest in this work is to have something to give back to the internet community.

Blogs (both in Spanish)

JJ Merelo teaches at Granada University when he's away from blogging. He's been working for a long time on genetic algorithms, neural nets, and the internet at large.

Blogs (both in Spanish)

I'm Victor R. Ruiz, born and living in Canary Islands. At this moment, I work as a freelance web developer and consultant. The origin in my interest in weblogs comes from the open source world. I'm editor of Barrapunto (the spanish Slashdot). There, I met Fernando Tricas and J.J. Merelo. Currently, my main interest in weblogs comes from Blogalia, firstly a software I created, but now a strong and active community of friends with blogs. One (blogometer), an open source implementation of Blogdex/Daypop which we run in the spanish blogosphere. The study that Fernando, JJ and me are preseting in BlogTalk is based in the data collected by the Blogometro.

NameOliver Wrede
Living in Cologne,Germany.

Personal weblog:Teaching weblogs.

I am professor at the a first community weblog in November 1999 and started to use weblogs to support teaching in late 2000. I am also working as media designer and design consultant.

Biographical details are here.

BlogTalk paper: »Discourse and Weblogs - Weblogs as a transformational technology for higher education and academic research«.

My name is Ulrich van Stipriaan. I'm a journalist with a one-man pr-agency (Projekte PR) and I'm working half-time for the faculty of civil engineering at the Dresden University of Technology, who need public relations, too.
I have my private weblog and for the civil engineers I started the BauBlog in September last year.
At the conference
I'm giving a presentation of the BauBlog - you may take the title "In and Out - Communicating the needs of Civil Engineers" as a sign for controversial experiences: Catching the interest of young people to study what they believe not to be attractive demands special procedures, but these procedures sometimes let you think of new wine in an old wine hose.
I will talk about the BauBlog as an attempt to promote internal communication in a large faculty with approximately 20 chairs - and doing this in an unorthodox way with the BauBlog means that it is my aim to improve external communication at the same time.
The strategic goal of the BauBlog is to become a platform for civil engineers - not only those studying in Dresden. This definitely means more than communication of meetings: With contents of the different fields of civil engineering (e.g. Constructional civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, town planning, building ecology) the BauBlog could be a source of information for everybody interested in civil engineering.
After the conference
I live in Dresden, Germany. And should you ever come to visit Dresden, just send me a mail...

My name is Martin Röll. I come from Luxembourg and live in Dresden, Germany.

I am a consultant and advise companies on E-Business strategy. My blog has been running since February 2002 and is called Das E-Business Weblog. I blog far too little about E-Business and rant too much about other Internet things though. ;)

I am interested in how weblogs can be used in companies and organisations and how they transform knowledgework.

My talk at BlogTalk is titled "Business Weblogs - A pragmatic approach to introducing weblogs in medium and large enterprises". I will speak about the difficulties that organisations face when introducing weblogs and propose ways to overcome them.

I am a unicyclist. If you are too, get in touch so we can tour Vienna together!


Me: I'm a semantic blogger. I work at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol England.

A semantic wha...? HP have an active semantic web team (http://www.hpl.hp.com/semweb/index.htm), and we believe that one of the best ways to explain the semantic web is to show the benefits it can bring. Hence the semantic blogging project (http://www-uk.hpl.hp.com/people/steve_cayzer/semblog.htm) with its associated blog (http://jena.hpl.hp.com:3030/blojsom-hp/blog/)

My Background: I'm employed as a technology researcher. I have dabbled in a variety of things over the years, including computational neuroscience, artificial immune systems and the semantic web. I'm a recent convert to blogging, both socially and professionally.

My blogTalk My thesis takes the form 'Blogging is cool - but it could be even cooler'. How? Semantic Blogging, that's how!

Maria Milonas

(ME) I\92m Maria Milonas, blog-addicted since March 2001, I am one of the 70,000 bloggers in Poland.


(ME AND MY BLOGS) My Polish site (http://lumpiata.blog.pl) exists for the last 2 years, but I invite you to visit my brand new weblog about blogs, partly in English (but mostly in Polish, sorry).

(ME AND SCIENCE) I have a MA in sociology, I wrote a thesis on the channels of communication in the Internet, and now, I am working on my doctorate thesis, which will be about the social impact of weblogs. I would like to analyse a Polish webring of blogs from the point of view of group dynamics and individual\92s personality, in the virtual life as well as in real relations.

(ME AT BLOGTALK) For the Blogtalk I have prepared some information about Polish weblogs (why are they written in majority by young women?), but I will focus on a proposition of a new kind of blogs \96 the C-logs, where \93C\94 can be understood as COMMUNICATION or as COMMUNITY. I will finish with a short idea about the 3 stages of social evolution of blogs \96 mono-log, dia-log and community blog.

(ME AND THE REAL) When I\92m not blogging, I am a French translator and interpreter, a mother of a 5-year old Very Important Man and a volley-ball player. See you soon!