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Christian Langreiter -- co-runs the design & development company synerge digitality, takes notes at langreiter.com, co-develops Vanilla, one of the earliest blogging tools and probably the first Wiki/Weblog cross. Interested in weblogs primarily in their capacity as Zettelkästen, Wunderkammern, low-friction knowledge transfer tools - and way to keep track of friends and folks.


Gilbert Cattoire is my name, I entered the Internet dimension 9 years ago, as a journalist. Having had my share of startups, I am currently an international consultant in strategy & business development, chiefly in the media market.
2003 is a sabbatic year. I am focusing on:
- journalism and the Internet,
- the dynamics of the European Research Area.

I was once paid to read 40+ newspapers & magazines in 5 languages every morning. A dream job for a media man. It lasted 2 years, during which I grew a quasi organic perception of the dissemination dynamics of information around the planet. For most of the last 9 years, whatever the job was, I have always focused on the human side of the Internet. "Somewhere somebody must know": the most accurate definition of the Internet.

BlogTalk Summary:
News on the Internet: a leap into direct reality.
Why "direct"?
- Because there are nascent forms of exposure to news that are disintermediated, allowing participants to litteraly direct reality from a personal, first-hand perspective, as opposed to the passive mass media experience where reality is being directed for you.
- And because this leads to no less than a new political proposition. New cultures, new social interactions are pushing people through the Internet door, from coexistence to conviviality.

A wiki on Direct Reality - currently migrating to a new platform. The full BlogTalk paper is also available there.

A weblog AND a dialogue: a platonic Q&A between two French journalists on blogs, wikis, and journalism, peppered with poetry, non-sense, silly humor and weird scripts to push the limits of blogging as we know it today. A low tech lab (at least we're having fun).

The link to the Sarajevo Online Archives

For a full bio.


My name is Jeremy Cherfas, and I'm not really a blogger. I'm a biologist and journalist, and I currently work as Public Awareness Officer for ipgri, the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute.

I got into blogging to solve a problem. The IPGRI web site, while admirable for serving people who know what they want and who like using search engines, is very difficult to keep current and fresh. It is also unfriendly to people who are just browsing. So the world's window on our activities was obscured. As part of a media strategy developed to enable IPGRI to engage with journalists and the public we needed an easy to use content management system. For a variety of reasons (which I will discuss in more detail in my presentation) this proved remarkably difficult for the institution to grasp. However, with the help of the blogging community (I happen to use nucleuscms) I have implemented a series of blogs that do what we need and that have shown colleagues what can be achieved.

The original pioneer blog, established so that I could learn about blogging and teach selected colleagues by demonstration, has now multiplied and mutated into diverse kinds of pages serving the diverse needs of diverse audiences. Some colleagues are eager to extend the idea of the blog to support project teams and assist with knowledge management. But the institution as a whole remains unconvinced.

As for the personal stuff: I live in Rome, I enjoy life, and I am delighted to have been given the chance to share ideas at BlogTalk. Some time I hope to get round to a personal blog ...


Mary Hodder Ethan Eismann

We are Ethan Eismann & Mary Hodder, contributors to the UC Berkeley Intellectual Property Weblog, or bIPlog as it is commonly known.

For BlogTalk, we explore how weblogs of specific topical focus help people develop, evolve, and explicate knowledge relevant to shared goals and projects. Our research is based on the weblog-supported knowledge community that has emerged around the topic of Intellectual Property. Mary welbogs about Intellectual Property, as part of her daily practice.

She finds that weblogging is a perfect compiment to her Masters studies at the School of Information Management and Systems, at UC Berkeley, where she studies the intersection of technology, policy, and sociology. Ethan is a new media designer, social science researcher, and recent graduate of the School of Information Management and Systems.

He presently works for Adobe Systems as an Interaction designer.


Grüß Gott. Ich heisse Phil Wolff.

On Blogging:.

How many bloggers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

How do you apply weblogs and social software to the workplace and to labor markets?

I've been watching the convergence of social sciences, technology and management strategy. I started blogging about it on my Manila weblog, Phil Wolff's Journal of Extrapreneurial Strategy and Technology since 1999.

What is the future of weblogs?

I started blogging on this topic in my Radio weblog, a klog apart, in 2002.  

How many weblogs are there?

I'm cataloging the size of blogspace at blogcount.com; please forward your estimates and statistics. 


At work, I am Candidate Voice's Vice President for research, technology, and operations. CV assesses and certifies corporate career sites from a job seeker's perspective. (How badly do you treat potential workers? What can you do about it?)

I've had technology and marketing roles at the United States Naval Supply Systems Command, Gateway, Wang Laboratories, Compaq, Bechtel National, LSI Logic, and my own software project management firm. I was global Vice President for Technology and Strategy at Adecco SA (the Swiss staffing conglomerate), introducing online business models, and founding an internal startup.  

I'm a Foresight Institute Senior Associate, learning about the post-IT world.

I live in Oakland, California, United States.

Write me at [email protected] or via Ryze as evanwolf.


My name is Henry Copeland, and I'm a blogger.

I am also CEO of Pressflex LLC, an American company that provides websites to 90 newspapers and magazines in Europe. I graduated from Yale University in 1984 and worked as a bond trader and journalist before becoming a web maven. (My company runs Blogads, a service for bloggers selling ads, but I will not promote this service in my talk.)

Blogtalk summary: Amid spiraling surpluses of information and ads, blogs offer unique benefits to advertisers. I propose to examine two possible new advertising metrics \96 passion and hubness \96 in which blogs excel other media.