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My name is Thomas N. Burg. I'm head of thr Center for New Media at the Danube-University Krems. I got addicted to blogging over one year ago, It started as an effort to keep track of online sources with relation to my research and business interests. I remember installing and de-installing and re-installing Radio Userland before I got hold of the idea of blogging. Since then I never had doubt in its potential.

Organizing a conference on that topic came to my mind in, August 2002, I guess. I found Max (who came up with the name BlogTalk and more) as a partner in brainstorming on that and my team in Krems making it almost come true - there are of course some days to come.

And the most amazing part of it is that I tapped into a network of like-minded from the east to the west of this planet, a network that has been inexistent or at least hidden before.

I'm looking forward to host this conference and with the help of Max, my team in Krems, Rebecca, and the sponsors, and of course with the contributions of our keynoters and panelist, and the audience we will have a wonderful conference in Vienna. I dare to say that Austria never had something like that before ;-). Thanks to all of you that make that come true. And: I especially dedicate this event to this girl and her mother.

My name is Alexander Mueller. I am a scientific employee of the Center for New Media at the Danube-University in Krems /Lower Austria.

I am enjoying the work here since about 4 months. This blogtalk-conference-website now intends to be my first dynamic website / cms \96 project on basis of Frontier/Manila.


So, I prefer to say that my job here is to be the "chef de la cuisine" of this conference-website and its backoffice, that is its discussions and proposals. My task now is to mix together all the ingredients that came up from all conference-panelists (from you). To boil a fine, well tasting meal that everybody can enjoy. - In this way I hope that I will achieve evertything to your satisfaction..



My name is Birgit Tesnohlidek and I am the secretary of the Center for New Media at the Danube-University Krems.
I have been working here since August 2002 and regarding BlogTalk I am responsible for the registration und several other administrative tasks.  I am also looking forward to the conference and to helping you before and during the conference.


I am responsible for the organisation and the support of the courses of the Center for New Media. Since the end of 2002 I am also responsible for the marketing activities and other organisationally tasks.

Concerning BlogTalk I am working in the backoffice and in the prearrangement and organisation of the infrastructure. Together with my colleague I will also take care of the registration of the participants. I am looking forward to the sucessful conference and also to the time  after to be able to have much time for my family (see my private website )

Klausjuergen Heinrich is burdened with an unpronounceable and hardly Austrian-like Christian name; so he prefers to be named "Klaus".
Klaus is "Program Manager" at the Center for New Media and responsible for the conception and development of postgraduate and undergraduate courses; within research and consulting: conception and project management of Content Management System-solutions.
Klaus was graduated at the Protestant Faculty of Theology at the University of Vienna to Doctor (Dr.) of Theology and formerly worked as "Manager New Media" at the "Central Europe"-affiliate of the American hotel chain "Best Western" in Vienna.

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